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Online Expression of Interest applications for PVA Fine Arts programs at Central Memorial High School open November 1, 2021

Students will be scheduled for a virtual audition/interview between January 17 – 27, 2022


*Out of Bounds Students (if Central Memorial is not your designated high school) | In addition to completing an online Expression of Interest application for a PVA program, out of bounds CBE students will need to complete the online CBE High School Transfer Request before the 2022 deadline. Approved Transfer Applicants with a confirmed offer for admission from PVA Central will be able to register as a PVA student at our school. Declined Transfer Applicants with an offer for admission to PVA Central may not be able to register as a student at our school for 2022-23. Please contact our learning leaderMichelle Crimmins if you have any questions about this process or require links to the online CBE High School Transfer Request.

PVA Overview

The Performing and Visual Arts Program at Central Memorial prides itself on offering students from across the Calgary region the opportunity to study a variety of artistic disciplines at an advanced level. Students discover and fulfill their creative abilities through the guidance of experienced and accomplished artists in an atmosphere of academic rigour and creative expression. Exploring an artistic discipline every day affords students the unique opportunity to develop skills, deepen knowledge and discover their own voice through the arts. This  program provides a strong foundation allowing students to easily transition into post-secondary studies or professional work within the arts community.

We are proud to offer our Grade 12 students the option of taking a specialized course called Leadership In the Arts 35, which upon completion affords our graduates with the Calgary Board of Education Fine and Performing Arts Certificate. 

The PVA program is a diverse and inclusive place for young artists of all abilities to learn. We believe that the very skill of applying, auditioning and interviewing for your program of choice is where an artist’s learning begins with us. While PVA is an auditioned program, there is a place at Central for everyone with a passion for the arts.  All students who audition will be offered admission in either their PVA program of choice or the PVA Introcourse in their program of choice for semester one in PVA. Upon completing their PVA Intro course, students can audition/interview once more for their program of choice, pending teacher recommendation, and move into the PVA program of choice for semester two.

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