Audition/Interview Requirements – Theatre Arts/Technical Theatre


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PVA Theatre Arts 

The audition process consists of a 10-minute audition followed by a short interview with you and your parents/caregivers. During this time we will look to see how well you are prepared. We will be interested in your passion, your ability to take direction and your willingness to take risks. This process will also give you an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about our program. That way, you’ll be able to determine if we are a good fit for you as well.

A parent or caregiver should plan attend your interview and this is a valuable opportunity for one-on-one time to ask questions about the program, the schedule, the expectations, and the school culture.

Audition Requirements

Applicants should prepare and memorize a monologue that is approximately one minute long.  You may write your own monologue, or choose one from a published play or musical. Please do not use monologues from television or film.

PVA auditions/interviews are friendly and supportive. This may be your first audition ever and we want everyone to have a positive experience. We strongly encourage you to begin memorizing your monologue well before your audition date and practice, practice, practice! Do it for your family, your teachers, your friends – do it as often as possible so that you feel confident with it.  We will not ask you to sing at your audition, but ensemble singing and dancing are  foundational aspects of our program and we do require our students be open to that learning process. 

 PVA Technical Theatre

Applicants will complete an interview with our Technical Theatre Instructor. During this time, students are encouraged to reflect on their experiences with Technical Theatre, their ability to work collaboratively with peers and teachers, and why they are interested in exploring areas of Technical Theatre. This process will allow students to better understand the program by learning about the opportunities available to Tech Theatre students while studying at Central. Interview questions will cover what aspects of tech theatre interest you, whether you have any experience with media or tech, and what you hope to learn by being a valuable part of the PVA Tech Theatre community. To be clear, previous experience is not necessary, simply a willingness to learn and grow!