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Auditions for Winds, Brass & Percussion


To audition for PVA Band, students are required to have previously submitted all components of the PVA application process. Please see Apply Online for further information.

Auditions will  be comprised of three components: a prepared solo, technique, and an interview.  This is an opportunity for our music team to hear where the student is in their musical journey, get a sense of their coachability (are they willing to take risks, open to feedback, etc.), and assess which ensemble would provide the student with the most opportunity for success.

More importantly, this is an opportunity for the student to share their gifts and passion with us in a friendly, safe, and encouraging environment.

Note for percussionists/drummers: percussionists are versatile musicians that must play many instruments and styles.  Please prepare something from each category: mallets (xylophone), percussion (snare drum or timpani), drumset (optional, but required for students wanting to participate in jazz band).

Piano, guitar, bagpipes, etc.: while we would love to accommodate all instruments, it is not possible within our program.  If you are interested in PVA Music, we would be happy to discuss options in order for students to participate.

  1. Prepared Solos: students will demonstrate their ability to prepare and perform a piece of music that showcases their gifts and passions.

Winds, Brass

Please prepare a short solo (30 seconds to 1 minute, if your solo is longer choose a short section of it) that highlights your own personality as a musician. It could be a part of your band/orchestra music, or a solo specifically for your instrument. If you would like, you may prepare and use “Rhythm Etude #1” as your solo.


Mallets – Perform a melodic solo on xylophone (your choice, or select the C instrument version of the woodwind etude).

Percussion – Snare drum etude (provided, your choice of solo 1 or 2); timpani etude (provided – “Doubleheader”)

Drumset – demonstrate a drum solo that starts with a time pattern, goes into solo, then ends back in time.

  1. Technique: 
  • Perform the Eb, Ab, or F Major scale in as many octaves as you can (minimum one octave)
  • Sight-reading:  Read a simple 8 bar melody from
  1. Interview (parents/guardians included):

This is an opportunity for us to learn more about the student and family.  We will ask you questions about why the student is passionate about music, what their goals are, and why they want to be a part of the PVA program, as well as who they are as a person.  We will provide information about student and parent involvement in PVA and some of the expectations associated with participation in the program.  We will also answer any questions you might have.