For the more than 40 years that Central Memorial High School has been in existence, it has provided an award winning Music Program that has received local, national, and international recognition. Listed below are some of the more recent examples of the awards and recognition this Program has received.

Plaque from the Calgary Association for the Development of Music Education (CADME)

Recognizing the jazz ensemble for their performance with the Cuban band Ballita y Jazztumbata.

Alberta International Band Festival

Silver awards for the Symphonic band and Jazz Ensemble.

(looks like this needs to be updated to include 2013-15 – split these up into specific areas – strings, band, vocal etc. 


Chamber Choir

  • First place, Provincial Choir Festival
  • First place in Class, Calgary Kiwanis Festival
  • Gold Award, Alberta Choralfest

Concert Choir

  • Gold at Alberta Choralfest
  • First place in Class, Calgary Kiwanis Festival
  • Director’s Choice plaque
  • Superior Standing at Alberta Music Festival

Vocal Jazz

  • Gold Award at Choralfest Jazz

Symphonic Band

  • Excellent rating at Alberta International Band Festival
  • Gold Award at Calgary Kiwanis Festival

Jazz Ensemble

  • Excellent rating at Alberta International Band Festival, Performed with Terell Stafford


Chamber Choir: Provincial/National First place award,

Chamber & Concert: Gold Awards,

  • Sun Peaks Music Festival – Gold awards
  • Calgary Kiwanis Music Festival – which award?
  • Alberta Choralfest, Gold Awards for Concert choir and Chamber choir.
  • Alberta Choralfest Jazz – Gold Award for Vocal Jazz

Alberta Provincial Choralfest in Edmonton (2010)

  • Chamber Choir – 1st place award

Whistler Music Festival (2010)

  • Symphonic band – Gold rating
  • Jazz ensemble 1 – Gold rating

Calgary Choralfest (2010)

  • Concert choir – Gold rating
  • Chamber choir – Gold rating

Choralfest Jazz Edmonton (2010)

  • Vocal Jazz – Gold rating

Kiwanis Festival (2010)

  • Symphonic Band – Superior rating
  • Concert choir – Excellent rating
  • Chamber choir – Superior rating and is the Class winner

Alberta international Band Festvals (2010)

  • Symphonic Band – Gold rating
  • Jazz ensemble 1 – Gold rating
  • Andrew Smith – award for Outstanding Drummer
  • Adrian Emond – the Soloist award for guitar


Prague International Advent Festival

  • Concert choir – Silver rating
  • Chamber choir – Silver rating

Banff International Youth Music Festival

  • Meghan Bell and Sarah Pickering – special recognition for their outstanding solo performances.

Alberta International Band Festival, Alberta

  • Chelsea Weicker and Mackenzie May – award for outstanding lead trumpet player (shared by both of them).
  • Jazz Ensemble I – Gold award and wins the Rose Bowl Trophy for the outstanding High School jazz band and the Rose Bowl as the outstanding Jazz Band of the entire festival.
  • Symphonic Band – Gold Award.
  • Kimberley Auch – outstanding performer award.
  • Janelle Miller, Jeff Gammon, Sam Brunton, and Steve Clark selected to perform with the City Honour Band.

Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival, Idaho

  • Vocal Jazz Ensemble – high standard of performance
  • Khadija Mbow, Laura Wilson, Allyson Beaven, Alida Doornberg, and Nicola MacNaughton received high ratings as jazz soloists.
  • Jazz Ensemble I awarded with “Superior Group Performance” certificate and received the highest rating ever by a CMHS jazz ensemble at this festival.
  • MacKenzie May and Janelle Miller awarded “Outstanding Individual Performance with a Group” certificate

Choral fest, Alberta

  • Concert Choir – Silver rating
  • Chamber Choir – Gold rating

Kiwanis Festival, Alberta

  • Jazz Ensemble I – Superior rating
  • Symphonic Band – Superior rating and wins their class.