• Are PVA music students required to take private lessons?
    It is strongly recommended that PVA music students study privately with a professional instructor. This experience will facilitate strong foundational skills necessary in developing independence and confidence. Students will have a short series of private lessons each semester as part of their coursework in both PVA Band and PVA Bridging, and it is encouraged to continue those lessons beyond the time provided to further develop your strengths.
  • What time commitment is required to be a PVA music student?
    Music students typically attend one to three morning or after school rehearsals per week. In addition, Jazz Ensembles and Vocal Jazz meet either before or after school two or three times per week and those programs are by audition only. Music students perform at several concerts and events and tour each year. Tours take place in the province, within Canada, or internationally.
  • When do PVA music students take Leadership in the Arts 35 or Entrepreneurial Art?
    All PVA Music 30 students are required to complete Leadership in the Arts 35 in order to receive their Fine Arts PVA Certificate. This course is delivered in conjunction with PVA classes throughout your high school career, so that you have a full portfolio of work to prepare you for a life rich with music beyond high school, whether you choose to pursue music at post-secondary or not. Students will interview professional musicians, attend workshops and performances, develop a list of performance repertoire, study privately, develop a personal portfolio, and complete a final exit interview. These courses are not scheduled into the timetable, but updates and teacher-led content will occur throughout the courses.
  • Are all instrumental students considered PVA students?
    Yes! PVA Bridging courses and PVA Band, Voice, and Strings are all part of the PVA umbrella, as are all of our large ensembles. These are great opportunities to explore your art form. All students benefit from the opportunities provided at Central, they just get to choose how many experiences they want to work for!