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School Overview

Pursue Your Passion at Central Memorial…

Central is a learning community unlike any other in Calgary. Passion for learning fills the classroom with inspiration, just as dedication to performance fills the stage with emotion. Some schools specialize in a niche; at Central we believe that being well-rounded goes a long way. We strive to bring excellence to every corner of our school, offering a huge selection of courses, clubs, teams and activities to help our students make lasting friendships and have the most complete high school experience.

Our Central purpose is to attain high levels of learning for all. We are a safe and positive community promoting mutual respect and acceptance.

The Central Advantage

At Central, superior academics are a huge part of what we do. We prepare students emotionally and intellectually so they can excel. Our commitment to learning means that we believe in our students. We instill a sense of pride and confidence. We start with passionate teachers who are specialists in their subjects and have a sound understanding of adolescent learners. We know that students don’t all learn in the same way, or at the same speed, so we differentiate instruction and encourage a dialogue that keeps everyone involved.

Central programs
Central Memorial High School offers a wide variety of programs and opportunities for approximately 1200 students in grades 10 to 12. We provide a myriad of opportunities from Dual credit with SAIT to Ram athletics, from Advanced Placement to Knowledge and Employability, from Computer Networking and Pre-Engineering to Cosmetology in partnership with the Career and Technology Centre, from Performing and Visual Arts to International Languages—Central is a truly unique school with a diverse array of courses and programs.
Helping each student to know they are welcome and that they belong at Central is important to us. Developing a sense of confidence and competence toward learning is what motivates our classroom practice. Teachers collaborate to design engaging learning activities. Central is a place where students are heard, honoured, and belong.

And it works…

  • 25% of students earn an average above 80%
  • 50% of students earn an average above 70%
  • 80% of AP students earn a mark of 3 or higher (Global average is 60%)
  • $1 000 000 in Rutherford Scholarships alone in the last three years
  • Diploma exam results are consistently above the provincial average
  • 3% dropout rate


It is our belief that a lasting and meaningful education begins with a student who has opportunity to explore and master their interests. In this spirit, Central Memorial has always been responsive to student needs and passions. As a result, you would be hard-pressed to find a school environment more vital, expansive, dynamic and accommodating than that of Central Memorial.

Whether your interests lie in subjects from English to Biology, Dance or Visual Arts, Mechanics or Engineering we have enriched programming to meet your needs. Students wishing to specialize in one or more of these areas may enrol in courses in Advanced Placement; The Centre for Visual and Performing Arts; Dual Credit Programming in Mechanics, Culinary Arts, Fabrication, and Autobody; and Specialized programming at the Career and Technology Centre. Central offers students the opportunity to participate in the Skills Canada competitions in the areas of job skills, trades and technologies.

At Central Memorial students have the opportunity to…

  • Earn university credit while still in high school with Advanced Placement courses
  • Earn a Fine Arts Certificate as a student in the Performing and Visual Arts Program
  • Earn dual credits from SAIT as a mechanics student
  • Earn an International Certificate by completing a series of courses with an international focus including courses in an international language

The Advanced Placement Program is one part of Central’s rich tradition and culture. We boast a roster of learned, committed and reflective teachers all of whom are certified by the College Board to deliver AP curricula, foster student success, and administer AP exams.

The Advanced Placement Program at Central Memorial provides the rigour and learning strategies essential for student preparedness and success at university. And those Diploma Exams? Central Memorial’s AP program consistently puts students well beyond the Provincial average.