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Welcome to the Portal to Express your Interest in PVA!

While PVA is an auditioned program, there is a place at Central for everyone with a passion for the arts.  Students who are Designated for Central can take fine arts classes and further develop their skills with our teachers and potentially move into the PVA program in the future.  

Applicants who are not designated to Central Memorial High School are required to complete the CBE High School Transfer Request prior to March 15 due to limited enrolment space at Central for non-designated students.  For more information please visit:transferring-between-cbe-schools

If you have questions about the Expression of Interest application process, please email the PVA Learning Leader, Michelle Crimmins

  Students should complete:

Expression of Interest Form

Audition/Interview Sign Up Form

Portfolio Upload

(Media Arts, Fashion,
Visual Arts only)


PVA application step 1

The Big Picture – Getting Your Ducks in a Row

To complete the PVA Expression of Interest Application form and Audition/Interview process you will be required to:

Submit your Transcript

Upload a digital copy of your most recent transcript (report card). This will be requested in the application form.

Write Your Student Reflection

In the application process, students will be required to compose a one-page written reflection on the following:

Describe any training or previous experiences that are relative to this application. (Private instruction, performance experiences, travel, workshops, competitions, awards…)

 What do you hope to gain from attending Central’s PVA Program?

 PVA is a fast-paced and rigorous program that will be challenging and stressful. Describe a time when you were challenged/stressed and how you managed that experience.

 What is the most important thing you would like us to know about you?

Prepare for your audition/interview

Each discipline has different audition/interview requirements. Use the buttons below for further information.
Audition/Interview Requirements – Vocal
Audition/Interview Requirements – Visual Arts
Audition/Interview Requirements – Theatre Arts/Technical Theatre
Audition/Interview Requirements – Strings
Audition/Interview Requirements – Media Arts
Audition/Interview Requirements – Fashion
Audition/Interview Requirements – Band
Audition/Interview Requirements – Dance
PVA application step 2

Fill out the Expression of Interest application form by selecting "Apply Now"

PVA application step 3

Book Your Audition/Interview

  Once you submit your Expression of Interest Form, you will be expected to audition/interview with a PVA teacher.  Auditions/Interviews took place between January 23-25, 2023. Now that we are past that date, a PVA Teacher will contact your family directly to arrange an audition/interview for the program(s) you have applied for. 

If you are not designated to Central, we will not be able to audition/interview you for the PVA Program for 2023-2024 after March 15, 2023 due to the CBE Transfer Process closing date. If this is the case, we invite you to re-apply next December for a January audition/interview and Transfer. 

PVA application step 4

Uploading Audition/Portfolio Requirements

If you are interviewing for Fashion, Media Arts or Visual Arts, please upload your digital portfolio here prior to your scheduled interview with program staff.

 What Happens After My Placement Audition / Interview?

PVA Placement confirmation mails will be sent to all candidates after the CBE High School Transfer Process is closed (April 5, 2023)
Emails will inform students as to whether they have been offered placement into PVA and will outline the follow-up school registration/course selection process.
If you don’t receive an email by April 10, 2023,  please contact PVA Learning Leader, Michelle Crimmins at