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Media Arts Program Overview

PVA Media Arts offers a three-year, comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to media creation that fosters individual exploration and innovative thinking. PVA MA is designed to provide students the flexibility to adapt to various situations relating to design and communication. Possible areas of study within the PVA MA program include: Film/Video Production, Architectural Design, Animation, Graphic Design, Mechanical CAD, Photography and Website Development.

Through the PVA MA program, students will learn to grow and apply their strategic, creative and technical skills. They will also learn how to strategize, plan, organize and manage different aspects of development and production in these different industries. Because real world experience can be instrumental to your career success you will engage in independent productions throughout your three years as well as possible internship opportunities as they arise.

PVA MA consists of a common first year where students build the foundational skills necessary to pursue their area of interest. Beginning in the second year (grade 11), students will have an individual course plan developed based on their area of specialization. This plan will be a combination of existing courses related to their field of interest, mixed with in-depth learning experiences, which may be led by guests from the profession.

Leadership in the Arts 35 / Entrepreneurial Artist 

All PVA students are enrolled in one of two courses;  Leadership in the Arts 35 / Entrepreneurial Artist. These programs of study allow PVA students to explore how they see themselves as artists and become more aware of the process involved in preparing for the marketing and business aspect of being a professional in the arts community.

Students will experience a variety of teacher-led assignments/activities as well as a number of student-directed online projects.


Interview Requirements for Media Arts

To audition for PVA MA, students must have previously submitted all components of the PVA Application Form.

The audition process for PVA MA will consist of a 15 minute interview involving PVA applicants and our teachers. During this time, we will look at your portfolio and base some of the interview questions around your work. This process will also give you an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about our program. That way, you will be able to determine if we are a good fit for you as well.

Auditions will take place in Central Memorial.

Bring 1 – 3 pieces of your work to the interview that demonstrates your skill, experience and range of ability in your chosen PVA MA discipline.

  • Try to include a wide range of work that demonstrates variety in your abilities. This may include the exploration of different genres or projects targeting different audiences.
  • Portfolios will be taken home with you after the interview.

PVA auditions are friendly and supportive. This may be your first audition ever and we want everyone to have a positive and fun experience.

How to Apply

All the information you need on one handy page.

PVA Application Form

Direct link to form

Our Teachers

staff-Scott, Kevin

Kevin Scott

Kevin Scott

Media Arts Instructor, Technology Learning Leader

Kevin Scott has worked in the Media Arts industry since 2001 and has been teaching the subject at Central Memorial High School since 2003. Professionally, he has been involved in web development, audio and video design, graphic design as well as animation development for organizations such as The Heart & Stroke Foundation of Ontario, Alberta Bone & Joint Health Institute, The American Association of Retired People (AARP), The American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD), and The National Business Services Alliances, among others.

In 2001, Mr. Scott graduated from the University of Calgary’s Masters of Teaching program after obtaining a degree in Psychology with a minor in Anthropology from Lakehead University. He has competed at the varsity as well as major junior level in football and has been coaching the sport since 1993.

Mr. Scott is excited to be joining the PVA Team and is looking forward to undergoing the rigors of PVA Media Arts with all of the students.

staff-Schwandt, Mark

Erin Boukall

Mark Schwandt

Media Arts Instructor

Mark Schwandt graduated with a Master of Arts degree from the University of Guelph in
2001, and has since completed additional education in computer graphic design, advertising copywriting, digital music production and motion picture technical training. Mr. Schwandt’s media work has included video and location-sound recording, multi-track audio production, sound design, grip and light work for screen productions, both union and independent, as well as live broadcast of theatrical, sport, and music events. His teaching career brought him to the CBE’s Career and Technology Centre where he launched their Broadcasting program in 2012-13 (now called Film, Audio, and Television Production) as studio construction was being completed. Since then, his students have participated in productions such as the Edibles cooking show for Shaw TV Calgary, BOTZ for Telus Optik Local, live theatre and music concert video recording, celebrity photoshoots and interviews for Calgary’s Prostate Cancer Centre, and a twenty-four track live recording of the Calgary Fiddlers. Having experienced the transition from analog to digital media production over the past three decades, he is thrilled to be working with the PVA Media Arts program to prepare students for this exciting and quickly changing industry.

Media Arts FAQ

Media Arts FAQ

Q:  Do I need prior formal training to apply to Central’s PVA Media Design Arts program?

No. Previous training is not required to apply to our MDA program, but a portfolio that demonstrates your skills and abilities is. Please refer to our “how to apply” section for details and examples of what we look for in a portfolio.

Q:  Do I have to have a portfolio when I apply?

Yes. A portfolio is a collection of your work that will represent you and your artistic/technical background. It will give us insight into your skill level, your potential, your creativity and your past experiences. Please refer to our “how to apply” section for more information regarding portfolio requirements.

Q:  When do PVA MDA students take Professional Development in the Arts 35?

PD35 is a five credit, self-directed course that does not run during the regular school day. Students will experience a combination of teacher-directed assignments and activities combined with student-directed or on-line projects. PD 35 sessions usually occur outside of the regular school day for Media Design Arts students and will involve the creation of a final grade 12 portfolio. Students will learn about careers in communication and design, attend workshops, meet industry professionals, participate in community initiatives and complete all other course requirements outside the regular timetable. For PVA Media Design Arts students, this course begins in grade 10 and finishes at the end of grade 12 with a final exit interview and portfolio celebration.

Please feel free to contact us with any further questions.

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