Kerry Warner

Kerry Warner

Visual Arts Instructor

Kerry Warner graduated from the University of Calgary’s Master of Education program in June of 2007 and joined Central Memorial Fine Art Department the following September.

In 2005 Ms. Warner completed her Bachelor of Fine Art at the University of British Columbia, Okanagan with a major in Painting and an extensive knowledge in printmaking, drawing, and sculpture. Since graduation, Ms Warner has shown with the Elissa Cristall Gallery in Vancouver, British Columbia where she has gained recognition with collectors in Canada, the United States, and Asia. Ms Warner’s work has been published in Essential Vancouver magazine, 2006/07 and Passion Pages, 2009.

Ms Warner’s current work is described as formalist abstract. She often works on series’ of up to twelve paintings at a time and can take over 6 months to complete a series. Ms Warner’s work is a juxtaposition between spontaneous washes and controlled methodical impasto areas creating a history within each piece. It is a deconstruction of painting as a language, becoming enhanced each time she adds a new colour or mark to the canvas.

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