Sheldon Zanboer

Sheldon Zandboer


Sheldon Zandboer is Western Canada’s “best kept secret”. He’s been working behind the scenes on many recordings, theatre projects, song writing projects, jazz concerts, sound design, and film soundtracks. Making a living as a professional musician since 1975 and living in Toronto, Calgary, Winnipeg, and Vancouver has enabled him to be one of the most experienced and accomplished keyboardist/pianists in Western Canada.  He has performed publicly as well as before members of the British Royal Family, dignitaries, Heads of State internationally. Whether it’s playing jazz or in a Broadway show he’s equally comfortable in just about any genre available. His songwriting has extended into the European pop market and he has composed music for a film that is on permanent display at the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan. His ground breaking jazz-training book The Tao of Jazz Improvisation, available on, is being used by jazz professionals and students from all over the world. Presently Sheldon is a Jazz Piano Instructor at Mount Royal/Ambrose Universities as well as University of Calgary and still performs throughout western Canada.